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Our Mission


At School of Heroes, each educational program is created with the purpose of giving to kids a free, safe, guided moment of active learning, by letting them feel like being just themselves, at each after school class.

Our focus is on PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT and SKILLS, that is each game and activity is designed to empower a specific VALUE or ABILITY.

The Method


The Role Play

Hero-Teachers perform a story, tell an adventure and interact with kids’ imagination. Beneath the story, there is the VALUE to be mastered.


The Game

A quick fun game to let kids empathise with the story, interact with their mates and test the importance of rules, team working and effects of behaviour.


Mastering the Value

The educational activity is a sharp game that allows kids to have direct contact with the VALUE.

Later, kids are invited to share to the group about their experience and Hero-Teachers guide the discussion into the relevant aspect of the VALUE !

A Unique Idea


The Founder

Like every school, also School of Heroes has a Principal! From Italy with love… and passion, experience and energy! Meet the principal here



REALISM and attention to DETAILS make each after school class awesome and the learning experience successful.

These features stimulate kids senses and fantasy, then emotions: this is the best learning channel through which the most important values are mastered!

Empowering SKILLS…


What skills can we learn?

The answer is: everything! As long as we associate emotions to those, any kind of activity can be organised.

The use of such method in our after school classes allows kids to feel protagonist of the adventure and have a better direct contact with the specific skill: this methodology increases significantly the efficiency in learning.

We can teach subjects from syllabus, in example, Mathematics, Science, Biology and activities such as Sports, Coding, Archery, Art & Crafts, Fitness, Singing and so on.

School of Heroes is ready to launch new programs at any time!

After School Classes


It’s time to bring VALUES and SKILLS in Schools !


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