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The Spider Training


Discover it with this two-weeks course for your children and you:

  • “It’s all about spiders!”
  • “Patience is a superpower”
  • “Time to wear a suit”
  • “Meet your Hero-Teacher” (Live Class)

4 Classes, each one with a Storytelling video, a Game and an Educational activity for the whole family.

Last class will be by video call with the Hero-Teacher !

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The Hero Training

Your children will be adult soon and start a new journey with a special backpack.

They will carry all the best you could teach as a parent.

Fill it up is not easy, but every mum or dad wish to be a guide, a model, a hero to their children.

At School of Heroes, we developed a formula to give superpowers to parents.

With the power of Storytelling, Hero-Teachers bring games and educational activities based on Family and Social values, creating a memorable experience for your little ones.

  • Realistic Superheroes and interactive experience
  • SUPER FUN activities focused on Human, Social and Family VALUES!
  • Fun themed games


The strategy that School of heroes offers is the funniest way for kids to learn about values, they are always amused by the characters’ performance and they are prone to repeat their behaviour.

Congrats, this method is really innovative!

Sthefannie Palacios

San Juan de Pasto, Colombia

I believe the activity was very engaging.

I think it is valuable to motivate kids to identify their strengths and weaknesses

Maria Paula Lourdy

Monteira, Colombia

All parents want the best for our kids, we want them to grow healthy and happy and at the same time, we want to be their role models… their heroes!

The School of Heroes programs and courses have shown me that there is a fun way to learn important values to become a super dad.

Luis Erazo

Sydney, Australia

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